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For Iron Man 3 when I came here, and I did my gauntlet dance and all that stuff, that was the heightened of my narcissism. There’s no way to go except back to the ground from there.

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Robert Downey Jr @ SDCC 2014

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Special snowflake Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr.

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Lunch time. Feels like it’s midnight? But I’m in the UK. (I think) I will be in Indianapolis tomorrow. (I think) I had no idea people did this to promote movies. This is CRAZY!!! HAHA! Roller coaster. Except there’s a person standing by to fix my hair or to hold my hand when I poop. (A thing I’ve started to demand. I’m STARLORD!!!)

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”...Because I love you….You’re my path, And you’re always gonna be my path. I’m following you now. I’m just gonna follow you everywhere.I’m just gonna follow you for the rest of my life”

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RDJ on his ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ co-stars

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Maybe we should all be running from Beacon Hills… running for our lives.

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